What Do We Do


Australian’s dump over $7 Billion of food into landfill.

Redirecting surplus food to people in need is an excellent way to reduce food waste, help the environment, reduce food insecurity, and help reduce landfill. At A Gesture, we want to help reduce food insecurity and waste while working with the community to create a more sustainable environment. 

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Through our holistic educational training program we offer a practical working warehouse that trains the unemployed to be job-ready, with new confidence, self-esteem and an eagerness to re-enter the workforce.

  • We partner with local community employment providers to help job seekers get back into work through VET and VCAL programmes
  • We are currently working with two LLENs to coordinate over 17 schools to drive 90 school-based traineeships, and 12 work experience programmes.
  • We also work with a number of special needs schools to help students with disabilities or barriers to employment stay in school or transition to the workforce.

At A Gesture, we provide a dedicated team training experience in an active working warehouse through traineeships, SBATs (School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships), and job-seeker training programs. In 2013, 876 students participated in A Gesture’s training program. Two-hundred-and-forty-six of which are rolling enrolments!

Our practical approach provides work ready skills, in combination with the required knowledge and nationally accredited certificates.

Our individual approach to education and learning involves a specific need to focus on and understand the individual and build a flexible delivery of skills and knowledge, using a variety of methods.

Teaching disability, long-term unemployed or culturally sensitive programmes involves a deep understanding of literacy and numeracy and the level of confidence and self esteem needed to grow from within the individual.

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Our training program at A Gesture is linked with industry partners offering part-time and full-time ongoing work outcomes for our clients and students.

A Gesture has assisted a wide range of companies, from manufacturing and processing, to building, warehousing,  construction, retail, hospitality, administration and customer service. We place job seekers in large, medium, and small organisations in both the public and private sectors.

We at A Gesture are committed to providing you with a fast, efficient and free recruitment service. Through the support of Job Services Australia and Disability Employment Services we can offer a wide range of financial incentives, with additional benefits available for employing any Job seeker. Apprentice or trainee, Indigenous Australian or someone with a disability; there are a number of options available to assist with funding training in the workplace.

Are you an employer looking for well-trained and hardworking team members? Our recruitment team will spend time with you to ensure they have a good understanding of your business needs, and then review our pool of job ready people.

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