A Gesture was founded in 2010 to serve the needs of families in Victoria. The initial mission was to supply local charities with access to fresh, nutritional food while providing community members with hands-on personal training.

Through our holistic educational training program we now offer extensive hands-on education in our practical working warehouse that trains the unemployed to be highly skilled employees, with new confidence, self-esteem and an eagerness to re-enter the workforce. In 2013 A Gesture expanded into Elizabeth South in South Australia and has since started a sustainable horticulture program and expanded our training program.

  • We partner with local Job Services Providers, High Schools to help clients get back into work through VET and VCAL programmes.
  • We are currently working with over 20 schools to drive over 200 school-based traineeships, and 12 work experience programmes.
  • We also work with a number of special needs schools to help students with disabilities or barriers to employment stay in school or transition to the workforce.
A Gesture’s vision is to open in each state to address the growing concerns and needs regarding education and employment.

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Meet the Team

A dedicated team of trainers, educators, warehouse managers, forklift instructors and drivers manage the students and volunteers at A Gesture.

Operating 5 days a week, we provide diverse training opportunities and work to meet the ever-increasing demand for food to be delivered to our partner agencies.

In addition to experienced trainers, we also have Integration Aides, ESL translators, motivational speakers and nutritionists who nurture our students through their training certification programmes.

Lam has a passion for helping people get back into work. Having worked within the Job Services framework, he saw people in need, and knew that a combination of education with real-world work experience would provide the best outcome for people wanting to rejoin the workforce. His commitment to implementing warehouses, and designing dynamic, community-based programmes for supporting others has resulted in hundreds of new jobs being accepted by graduates of the A Gesture programmes.

Operations Manager S.A.
Dale is the Operations Manager in South Australia. He brings an experienced background from working with youth and corrections, as well as Job Services, and Disability Service providers. Dale is very passionate about making a positive community impact and helping others to succeed, he also excels in leading the whole team to strive for the best.

Operations Manager Victoria
Russell is the Operations Manager in Victoria. He is an excellent trainer and a great leader. Russell has over 5 years experience working with Job Services Providers, High Schools, and community agencies. He enjoys mentoring and helping the students through their certification process, and specialises in school-based traineeships.