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Australians throw out up to 20% of the food they purchase, that’s one in five shopping bags – full of food – discarded, that’s immense!

Do Something About Food Waste infographic by lunchalot

Australians throw out 4.45 million tonnes of food every year.

(Source:  2012 Food Insecurity Report)

Just one quater of the food wasted in the developed world would be enough to feed the 1 billion people starving in the developing nations across the globe

(Source: Food and Ethics Council, Tristram Stuart, 2009)

According to the National Waste Report, approximately 936 kilograms of food is discarded by each Australian household. Much of that food can be redistributed to help hungry families in need. Our community partners in the North West have seen a 30% increase in the last year for ‘at-risk’ families needing food or other services that support their most basic needs.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

The food is fresh and delivered within days of receival and sorting

The impact of this increase has resulted in A Gesture  growing its weekly supply of fresh nutritious food to 2000kg, helping us to focus on ending food insecurity by providing healthy food.


Australian’s dump over $7 Billion of food into landfill.

Redirecting surplus food to people in need is an excellent way to reduce food waste, help the environment, reduce food insecurity, and help reduce landfill.
50% of food is wasted between farm and the dinner table

Did you know?

  • Australians are throwing out more than $7.8 billion worth of food annually
  • 47% of municipal waste in landfill is food and green organic waste
  • Over 7.5  million tonnes of food is wasted in Australia each year – from which the embedded water could supply Melbourne and Sydney for an entire year. 
  • Food waste in Australian landfills is the second largest source of methane – a gas 23 times more destructive than C02 from cars

Surplus produce occurs for many reasons:

  • Blemishes/imperfections.
  • Short shelf/sale life.
  • Over-ordering/over-catering.
  • Consumer demand for perfect produce.


We strive to send ZERO waste to landfill.

A UK study in early 2013 estimated that nearly half of food produced on the planet never reaches human stomachs