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At this time, we have many people working in a very busy food sorting and distribution warehouse. Volunteers can Contact Us and discuss how to support us with your skills and knowledge which can be flexible/distant or in person
Relying on volunteers allows us to reach the most vulnerable members of our community and build future programs.


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If you would like your agency to receive fresh food for a good cause, contact us here.


Everybody wants to know how they can help.
The cost of basic consumer goods rose by 31% during the last decade, and the cost of feeding a family has gone up by 40%. This is why what we do at A Gesture is more important than ever, and we need you’re help!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
At A Gesture we have many ways that our friends and colleagues can get involved in supporting what we do in the following areas:
Funding for educational resources
With over 300 students a year from a variety of backgrounds and literacy levels, we provide individualised support in the way of integration aides, training support, electronic and paper teaching tools, as well as translation, literacy and numeracy and life skills.
We customise our approach per student, and are always looking for more support for the rollout of paperless training, integrating iPads, computers, smart whiteboards, and other technologies to make learning easier.
The best support someone can give for our current goal of 20 iPads by September 1, is by donation. All donations above $2 are tax deductable,Contact Us for instructions on how to donate. Our DGR company status allows individuals and companies to donate time or money to support our program outcomes and directly support members of our community.
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Through our holistic educational training program we offer a practical working warehouse that trains the unemployed to be job-ready, with new confidence, self-esteem and an eagerness to re-enter the workforce.

Our practical approach provides work ready skills, in combination with the required knowledge and nationally accredited certificates.

Our individual approach to education and learning involves a specific need to focus on and understand the individual and build a flexible delivery of skills and knowledge, using a variety of methods.

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